We build companies, revamp and invest in products

We count with years of experience, share interests and a vision to transform the world applying high design standards and building scalable products. We co-found and grow profitable products which impact millions of users globally.

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We build companies, revamp and invest in products


Danny Saltaren

Product Designer. Entrepreneur. mendesaltaren. We design simple & delightful products for startups and big companies. Before that: @jobandtalent @feverapp

Salvador Serrano

coCEO at mendesaltaren. Curious guy.


Diseño, producto, creación de empresas.

Jorge Lana

Inspired by creative minds. Passionate about entrepreneurship, disruption, innovation, and future of society. Learning everyday. Building digital ventures at modulor.ventures minimum.run, mendesaltaren.com, polyflow.co, nocodehackers.es

André Mendes

CCO and Co-founder en mendesaltaren.